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2018-11-28 09:55:00
Smoke Alarms Save Lives -- Tips for Setting Up and Using Smoke Alarms
Smoke alarms are a crucial defense against injury or death in house fires. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show that nearly sixty percent of house fire fatalities occur in homes with inoperable or missing smoke detectors. Most building codes now require smoke detectors in all residential structures, and this has resulted in a steep in fire­ and smoke­-related deaths. Today, we’re taking a look at important smoke alarm tips for setting up and using your home’s smoke alarms.

Where Should I Install Smoke Alarms? Smoke alarms should be installed in each bedroom, outside each ing area, and on each level of the home. They should be placed high on a wall or the ceiling, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for placement. For example, high, peaked ceilings include “dead air space” at the top, and smoke alarms should be placed no closer than 3 feet from the highest point in cases like this.

For areas near the kitchen, install a smoke detector with a “hush button” that can be used to silence nuisance alarms triggered by cooking smoke or steam. Alternatively, consider installing Units with a photoelectric alarm are also an excellent choice when installing a smoke alarm near the kitchen, as they will not be triggered by cooking. But remember, no matter which type of smoke alarm is used, never remove the unit’s battery to stop or prevent nuisance alarms.

How Often Should I Test My Smoke Alarm? Each smoke alarm must be tested monthly. The units have a test button that will sound the alarm for a moment or two when pressed. Any alarm that fails to sound should have the battery replaced. If the test button fails with a new battery, replace the entire detector immediately. Monthly testing is also an ideal time to dust off the unit so that it continues to work properly.

How Often Should I Replace My Smoke Alarm’s Batteries? Make sure to change your smoke alarm’s batteries at least once a year. Do this when changing to or from Daylight Saving Time in fall or spring. Keep in mind, an inoperable alarm is no better than no alarm at all.

If your smoke alarms are hard­wired to your home’s electrical system, ensure they are interconnected for maximum effectiveness. That is, if one smoke alarm is triggered, all of the others will sound as well.

The newest type of interconnected smoke alarms uses wireless technology. This allows smoke detectors to communicate with one another and, like their hard­wired cousins, sound all of the units at the same time, even if just one is triggered initially.

Early alerts are crucial to surviving a fire. Following these simple tips allows you and your loved ones to be warned, helping to prevent injuries and fatalities.

Remember to check with your local public safety office or fire department for specific information on smoke alarm requirements for your area. If you have questions, reach out anytime. I’m always here for you.
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