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2017-11-30 10:23:06
New Year, New Renovations

Paint Brushes for renovation

The holidays are here, and the New Year is quickly approaching. The start of a New Year generally brings about resolutions of new beginnings and new outlooks, but what if you could head into 2018 with a new look in your house? Whether you are looking to add a fresh appearance to your home or looking to sell, here are four renovations you can complete before the start of the new year:


While this is a common suggestion, it is the easiest way to make your home feel 'new' again. Consider painting an accent wall rather than the entire room, this way you spend less time on a project that will bring you an equal amount of enjoyment. The difference, while small in scale, will have many noticing and complimenting you on the change.


Upgrade the floor

From simple to elaborate, there are many ways to update your home's flooring. Are your tile floors starting to bore you? Consider adding some paint to them! Whether you are feeling adventurous and want to paint patterns with stencils or you merely want to cover the old color, painting the tile is a quick way to update the floor. A more time consuming, but equally as rewarding renovation includes removing the carpet, linoleum or current tile with new flooring.  While expensive and time-consuming, it can be done before the New Year if you find the right team.


Kitchen space

There never seems to be enough space in the kitchen to store all of the utensils and appliances you have. A good renovation that can change the appearance of the kitchen, without requiring a total remodel, is adding more kitchen cabinets. Does your kitchen have wall space that doesn't contain shelves? Add them! Not only will you clear space on your counters, but you will also add to the overall appeal of the kitchen. Make sure to match them with the current theme of the kitchen, or the theme in progress.


Lights galore!

Lighting is essential. Whether you are looking to sell or entertain, the lighting of the room has to be perfectly suited for the room. For dining rooms, living rooms and other grandiose quarters, consider hanging a chandelier to add to the class of the room. In hallways, explore the options of sconces.

If you are looking for more tips and tricks, ranging from staging and design to common practices and applications, read my other blogs.

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