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2017-11-17 12:18:44
Helpful Hints to Reduce Stress for Thanksgiving

In case you haven't checked the calendar lately, Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Did your heart skip a beat just then? Don't fret; we’ve lined up some tips to prepare you for the big feast! These helpful hints will help reduce stress this Thanksgiving:

Check Your Kitchen Tools and Cookware

As gathering the right ingredients is vital to Thanksgiving dinner, so too is having the right pots, pans and serving dishes to cook and eat the meal. If you are going to make a pie, make sure you have pie pans. Roasting your turkey? Make sure you have a roasting pan and check that the baster you remember having is still a viable option. It is possible that last year a platter was broken, or a gravy boat misplaced, and now is the time to locate all the essentials.

Defrosting Turkeys Need Time

A frozen turkey needs a day for every four pounds of meat to thaw. If you are having a big get together and you froze a twelve-pound turkey, make sure to get it out of the freezer three to four days before Thanksgiving. Add an extra day if you are planning on brining your bird. Nothing negatively affects your memory of Thanksgiving quite as much as a still-frozen turkey.

Make the Cranberry Sauce Now

Some families find cranberry sauce to be the secondary backbone to Thanksgiving when paired with the turkey. Unfortunately, it's a common dish that gets forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the main day cooking and has to be forgone for yet another year. To avoid possible disappointment, make your cranberry sauce now. As it is like a jam, it will last longer in the fridge or freezer than other dishes you may consider making ahead of time.

Pie Crust Timing

If you are making the pie crust from scratch, consider making it now. This way, your crust will have time to firm up, allowing it to bake better on the big day. Store bought pie crusts work well too in a pinch, but also sell out quickly. Regardless of if you are making the crust or buying it, do it now to avoid added stress or heartache.

Planning is Key

Notice a theme? Map out your Thanksgiving meal ahead of time! Look at all the recipes you plan on making and see what they entail. Do any of them require you to put them in the fridge for a certain number of hours before cooking? Prep those recipes the night before. Discover which recipes cook at the same temperature, and which ones take the longest. Planning will not only make your Thanksgiving less stressful and more efficient, but it will also give you more time with those who matter most.

From all of us at Mike Freeman Properties, we wish you and your family a delicious and stress-free Thanksgiving. 

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